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Feb 19

Are you helping your teen?

Have you? Bought Alcohol for your teen? Said "I buy alcohol for them so I know how much they are drinking?" Let them drink at home with their friends? Said "I'd rather they drink than do drugs?" It might be worthwhile to ask yourself "what am I really teaching them"   Check out this article....

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Jan 30

More on Marijuana

Images from I continually meet people who are totally convinced that their marijuana use is not a problem.  Much of this thinking comes from two sources, first they believe the "don't panic it's organic" thinking the second part is because they like it and don't want to look at...

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Jan 25

Info For Parents

Although we all, or at least most of us, want to believe our kids the reality is that more often than not we are not getting told the truth; particularly when it has to do with drug or alcohol use. Once a teen starts to use drugs or alcohol with any regularity they will start to develop behaviors to...

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Jan 23

More questions

Am I Addicted to Weed? Here are some common signs of weed addiction or dependency: - Withdrawals if weed smoking is stopped - The necessity to use increased amounts of weed to achieve the same effect - Difficulty controlling emotions - Irritability/Mood swings - Difficulty reducing...

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Jan 19

They Change us

Drug and Alcohol Abuse or Misuse change how are brain is functioning and that changes how we function.  When we are in the middle of using regularly we generally can't see much more than "we like what it does to us, for us" or we like "how it feels." we generally are not able to see what it is doing...

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Jan 08


Too much and too often are always a problem, not everybody who has a substance use issue is an addict.  Figuring this out can be incredibly valuable. While we generally talk about addiction to drugs and alcohol we often             don't take a close enough look at...

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Dec 17

What's Normal

Getting caught up in what ever  everybody else is doing often allows us to change our opinion of what is normal. Just looking at what is going on around us and comparing ourselves to that often gets us in trouble. We need to be able to back up an look at the bigger scene. Habits can lead to habits...

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