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Jan 19

They Change us

Drug and Alcohol Abuse or Misuse change how are brain is functioning and that changes how we function.  When we are in the middle of using regularly we generally can't see much more than "we like what it does to us, for us" or we like "how it feels." we generally are not able to see what it is doing to us.  Regular drug and alcohol use, particularly by teens, really takes away the ability to deal with life, and everything becomes too much.  The video I attached shows the difference.

I have talked in several of the blogs about changing our patterns,  that is often the only way we can be allowed to see ourselves or be able to recognize what are drug/alcohol use is doing "to" us.  Take a break, if you have been telling yourself you don't have a problem, that you are just doing "it" because you like it, or you could quit if you wanted to but you don't want to. Then take a week or two off from using/drinking, if you can't do that or won't do that or if the thought of that scares you then maybe this stuff is bigger in your life than you think.

What do you think?

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