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May 10

The New Impaired

There will be many issues that we will have to deal with as we moved towards legalization of marijuana.  This will be a major one. Please check this out.  

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Apr 08

Drug Testing

Below is a guest blooger article from Lena Butler, although Lena is addressing the workplace home testing is also a good idea for many of the same reasons. 3 Kinds of Drug Testing Done in the Workplace Although workplace drug testing is relatively uncommon in Canada, it has been commonplace in the...

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Dec 04

What are you smoking?

There is still a lot of misinformation and lack of real information about the health effects of smoking marijuana. From a recent CCSA study on youth attitudes here is what one teen said “For me, I’m thinking about for my health. … Because I smoke a lot of cigarettes a day. A cigarette...

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Mar 09

Double Trouble

Double Trouble Although marijuana advocates continue to bang the drum that this drug in not problematic we keep getting more and more research that there are significant issues that we need to pay attention to. The largest group that is using marijuana are adolescents so any negative impact on brain...

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