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Jan 23

More questions

Am I Addicted to Weed?

Here are some common signs of weed addiction or dependency:

- Withdrawals if weed smoking is stopped - The necessity to use increased amounts of weed to achieve the same effect

- Difficulty controlling emotions - Irritability/Mood swings

- Difficulty reducing the amount of weed smoked or difficulty quitting weed altogether

- Spending more time or money on smoking weed than you want to be

- Strong urges which you have little or no control over

- Planning your days, weekends, and social activites around the next high


The biggest hurdle is to get past the idea that it is "Just" Weed I hear the comment over and over again from teens who are obviously drug dependent but rationalize that by saying it is just marijuana, they generally follow that by saying "I'm not smoking crack, or doing heroin so what's the big deal."

The big deal is that it really doesn't matter what the drug is, if it is getting in the way its a problem.  Anything that negatively affects your life is a problem.  Of course part of the problem, and this is true with most dependency issues, is that the individual can't see that there is a problem.  

Read the questions above again, if you are saying yes to any of them then there is a problem.  

Then you need to ask yourself do you want to get out of the problem.

Remember  "Take Control"

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