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Jan 30

More on Marijuana

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I continually meet people who are totally convinced that their marijuana use is not a problem.  Much of this thinking comes from two sources, first they believe the "don't panic it's organic" thinking the second part is because they like it and don't want to look at the negatives. 

The images are SPECT scans which show brain activity. Areas that look like holes are areas that are very under-active

If you take a look at the image above you will see very clearly that this drug makes a difference in brain function.  The area at the top, the pre-frontal cortex is the decision making part of the brain .... what's OK, what's not OK.  You can see that when using  marijuana regularly this part of the brain is not working too well.  In addition to decisions this part of the brain is used for reasoning. The biggest problem associated with regular THC use is that it interferes with the part of the brain that we need to figure out if we are OK or not. A bit like closing your eyes and then looking in a mirror .... you can't see anything.

The temporal lobes are involved in memory, emotionality and emotional control. This explains why we quickly "think" we feel better when using this drug (it blocks our feelings) and why after an extended period of use we feel uncomfortable without it. 

If you are really convinced that your marijuana use is not a problem, then leave it alone for a month and pay close attention to what happens to you, both good and bad.  If you are reluctant to leave it alone, then that will tell you something too.

What do you think?

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