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May 07

Marijuana Addiction

Here is an interesting article on marijuana addiction and something that might make quitting a bit easier. What is somewhat ironic is that the substance that can help has been bred out of the plant in an attempt to get stronger and stronger THC levels

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Mar 31

Spring Break

Thinking about life without partying seems to be very scary for a lot of people. There is a lot of social pressure to use drugs and alcohol. I was doing a presentation last Friday at one of my schools and was talking about the volume of the voice we hear. The kids who smoke marijuana and or drink...

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Dec 11

Good Idea?

I have talked about this before but it is a topic that needs lots of attention. I had a conversation with a parent the other day that centered around their concern with their teen’s substance use (including alcohol) essentially they were going to see how things went as they had the “talk”...

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Aug 11

New Opiates

New things to pay attention to.  Here is some info that was sent to me from an associate at La Paloma Treatment Centre.   Zohydro: The Risks of Extended-Release Painkiller Abuse HYDROCODONE ABUSE TREATMENTZOHYDRO: THE RISKS OF EXTENDED-RELEASE PAINKILLER ABUSE Controversy swirls around...

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Jun 16

More from Fort Albany - The Wellness Challenge!

Fort Albany Monday June 16. Had a good flight from Timmins on Air Creebec, which is Canada’s first Cree owned airline. We had a short stop in Moosonee and then on to Fort Albany, you can see the gravel runway in the photo. The community is involved in a wellness challenge which is a great idea!...

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May 28

How Bad??

It is always interesting listening to people who do not want to have a drug or alcohol problem. Even though they fit the standard definition of continuing to do the same thing in spite of negative consequences people often are really resistant to looking for help and even more resistant to going into...

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Apr 27


Solutions. I was fortunate enough to be able to spend a few days in Vancouver, spent some time at The Last Door and attended their 30th anniversary fundraising gala. In short it was phenomenal, Guiseppi and his crew deserve much praise. It was elegant and touching. Louise mentioned that there have...

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Mar 24

Signs Symptoms and Causes

Parents and Teachers Need to know everything about signs of drug abuse and addiction Knowing the signs of drug abuse and addiction will help you with identifying problems with family and friends. Addictions are defined as a compulsive need for and use of habit-forming substance — heroin, tobacco...

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Jan 29

Why It's Still A Big Deal

Recent Article from Time Magazine is worth the read. Why it's still a big deal if your teen smokes pot By Randye Hoder, updated 7:05 AM EST, Tue January 28, 2014 ( -- With each passing day, it seems, smoking pot becomes less and less stigmatized in our society. In a much-buzzed-about...

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Dec 05

Dr. Drew on Marijuana

There are some very interesting thoughts in this article.  If you check out the onlive version and look at the comments it is interesting to see how much people do not want to look at good information about this drug. They really are so engaged in getting high that they can't see reality. Dr. Drew...

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