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Aug 25

Synthetic Weed

Synthetic Cannabinoids. We haven’t seen a lot of these products in western Canada but they are an issue in the east and certainly in the USA. Often referred to as |spice” synthetic cannabinoids are exactly what that sounds like , a manufactured version of THC. They are proving to be dangerous,...

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Jun 19

Youth Cultural Camp

Fort Albany - Thursday Love Respect Wisdom Truth Humility Courage Honesty Tonight we had a community gathering and meal at the Youth Cultural Centre. The values that the Cree people are trying to engender in their youth are quite universal. In all things it is important to teach by example and the...

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Mar 24

Signs Symptoms and Causes

Parents and Teachers Need to know everything about signs of drug abuse and addiction Knowing the signs of drug abuse and addiction will help you with identifying problems with family and friends. Addictions are defined as a compulsive need for and use of habit-forming substance — heroin, tobacco...

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Dec 05

Dr. Drew on Marijuana

There are some very interesting thoughts in this article.  If you check out the onlive version and look at the comments it is interesting to see how much people do not want to look at good information about this drug. They really are so engaged in getting high that they can't see reality. Dr. Drew...

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Nov 19

Brick walls

It is always interesting to listen to people’s comments and attitudes about communities. Some people think their community has more problems than others. Other people figure it's always worse somewhere else. In “The Last Lecture” Randy Pausch said “The brick walls are there...

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Nov 18

Yellowknife Day 1

We had a great session at Tree of Peace Freiendship Centre this morning.  Sadie did a great job of telling her story and of course the spider video was a hit.   Several kids came up and asked some very good questions about how to change things for themselves. The 200 + kids and assorted...

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Sep 30

More on the Brain

COCAINE REWIRES THE BRAIN AFTER JUST ONE USE Posted on September 24, 2013 by Daniel G. Amen, MD A new study from UC San Francisco’s Ernest Gallo Clinic and Research Center uncovers why humans might become addicted to cocaine after just one use. Scientists found that cocaine exposure triggered...

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Jul 04

Lo and Slow

Lo and slow Study Links Long Term Marijuana Use With Decreased Motivation Do you wake and bake? Are you tired of feeling lazy throughout the day? Do you dream of great ideas but never actually do them? Do you crave munchies, but are too lazy to get up and get anything, and are wondering why? A...

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Apr 23

What happens when we quit

What Happens when we quit using Drugs and Alcohol Post Acute Withdrawal is the adjustment your brain has in life without chemicals. It is the time period when your own neurotransmitters start acting again. During the years of addiction to drugs/alcohol there is artificial stimulation and disruption...

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Mar 02

Synthetic Marijuana Warning

One of the problems with teens using drugs and alcohol regularly is the getting "high" and "being high" becomes so normal for them that they stop caring about how they do that. "Head Shops" (stores that cater to people who are cannabis users are selling products that are "synthetic marijuana"  There...

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