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Jan 09

I'm Sorry

The damage that substance problems cause to relationships are huge, broken trust, broken dreams, broken hearts. Getting better has much to do with trying to repair, or at least being willing to repair the damage.. It takes time and courage but the thing that really happens is we face ourselves and...

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Dec 06

Getting Better

For the past few yearsI have been encouraging (pushing) kids to use meditation. A lot of drug/alcohol use is because kids don't feel OK, stressed, disconnected, unloved, angry etc. Drug/alcohol use doesn't make us feel better, it makes us feel less so we actually end up sliding further into the emotional...

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Mar 31

Spring Break

Thinking about life without partying seems to be very scary for a lot of people. There is a lot of social pressure to use drugs and alcohol. I was doing a presentation last Friday at one of my schools and was talking about the volume of the voice we hear. The kids who smoke marijuana and or drink...

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Dec 18

Having Fun?

Many people get confused about having fun, all the alcohol ads show us that we will be better looking, more popular and have more fun if we drink, and we are starting to see ads about how to be more relaxed with your favorite "bud" Thinking that you can't have fun or relax without "something" to help...

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Nov 02

Where Does It Start

Drug and Alcohol Problems generally start young, usually when kids are in grade 8 or nine. The research clearly shows that most people who have substance problems started their alcohol or drug use before they were 17 and typically at 13 or 14. I had a grade 9 class this week with about 35 kids and...

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Jun 19

Youth Cultural Camp

Fort Albany - Thursday Love Respect Wisdom Truth Humility Courage Honesty Tonight we had a community gathering and meal at the Youth Cultural Centre. The values that the Cree people are trying to engender in their youth are quite universal. In all things it is important to teach by example and the...

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Jun 18


Healing Circle I was invited to attend and participate in a healing circle this morning. While I was waiting to be invited in I recorded some of the drumming and singing the women were doing. I didnt want to be intrusive or disrespectful by videoing the participants but it the image of the freedom...

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May 19

More Thinking on Alcohol

Good article from The Globe and Mail Drinking comes with staggering costs SHEEMA KHAN Special to The Globe and Mail Published Monday, May. 19 2014, 6:00 AM EDT Last updated Monday, May. 19 2014, 6:00 AM EDT It happened, perhaps fittingly, on a May “two-four” weekend some years ago. While...

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Apr 27


Solutions. I was fortunate enough to be able to spend a few days in Vancouver, spent some time at The Last Door and attended their 30th anniversary fundraising gala. In short it was phenomenal, Guiseppi and his crew deserve much praise. It was elegant and touching. Louise mentioned that there have...

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Jun 07

Just the facts

It seems that there is sometimes more information than we can absorb and the “pro marijuana” movement seems to be pretty good at spinning things in their favour. The problem, as always, is how are teens interpreting the information and the answer is generally “the way that best suits...

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