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Feb 13

Looking for Love

The more research that gets done on addiction and substance abuse the better we can understand both what is going on and how to treat it. Dr. Helen Fisher is a biological anthropologist at Rutgers University and she has studied love in over thirty cultures across the world. She believes that love isn't...

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Feb 11

Alcohol Claims 2.5 Million Lives A Year

Recent Report from the World Health Organization is worth a read. GENEVA, Feb. 11 (Xinhua) -- The use of alcohol causes approximately 2.5 million deaths a year, and young people were especially vulnerable to its harms, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Friday in a report profiling 193 countries...

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Feb 06

Positive and Negative

We are what we think and our feelings are directly related to our thinking. Much substance use/abuse is directly related to how we feel, we are arngry or frustrated, depressed, lonley etc. Becuase of these feelings we start drinking or getting high to block these feelings, generally we tell ourselves...

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Jan 20

The Decision

There are lots of ways we can try to get kids to think about changing their attitudes about impaired driving. SGI has a new campaign called "The Decision" its a chance for teens to see and think through what the consequences of impaired driving. This is a great chance for teachers to get kids involved...

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Jan 19

They Change us

Drug and Alcohol Abuse or Misuse change how are brain is functioning and that changes how we function.  When we are in the middle of using regularly we generally can't see much more than "we like what it does to us, for us" or we like "how it feels." we generally are not able to see what it is doing...

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Jan 15

Keep up the Pressure

Below is some interesting info on the effect of good Drug and Alcohol Prevention Efforts. In case you aren't inclined to read the whole thing it basically says that kids hear and do respond positively to regular drug and alcohol prevention messages. They remember them and the messages help them make...

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Jan 11

Something for the Kids

End of semester is coming up and many students are starting or in the middle of end of semester panic, thinking "how can I pull this out of the fire?" One of the best indicators of substance abuse with high school kids is how they are doing in school.  If they are doing well and attendance has...

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Jan 08


Too much and too often are always a problem, not everybody who has a substance use issue is an addict.  Figuring this out can be incredibly valuable. While we generally talk about addiction to drugs and alcohol we often             don't take a close enough look at...

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Jan 05

Habits Start Early

An Article on CBC caught my eye. Too many novice drivers drinking: police Last Updated: Thursday, December 23, 2010 | 4:47 PM CST  CBC News  Winnipeg police and Manitoba Public Insurance are sounding the alarm about young novice drivers being caught with booze in their system. 'There are...

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Jan 03

Perceptions - Not Good or Bad

We are what we think, and the way we think about things determines our attitudes. "There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so." William Shakespeare I am always surprised by the amount of resistance people have about getting help for a drug and alcohol problem. Many people seem to...

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