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Feb 06

Positive and Negative

We are what we think and our feelings are directly related to our thinking. Much substance use/abuse is directly related to how we feel, we are arngry or frustrated, depressed, lonley etc. Becuase of these feelings we start drinking or getting high to block these feelings, generally we tell ourselves that it "makes us feel better" actually it just makes us feel less.

Often we realise that our substance use is causing us problems and we try to quit or cut down but we feel so bad that we end up going back to it. These situations are always very complicated but the more we can change how we think about things the more likely it is that we can actually change what is happening in our lives.

Here is something to try for a week. Start making a grattitude list, every day write down things that you are greatful for, as many as you can.

Keep the list where you can see it. For many people this is very difficult because we have been training ourselves to only look at the negative. Don't give up, do the best you can.  

You actually will start to notice more good in your life and your level of stress will start to go down.

What do you think?

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