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Nov 11


Seeking to forget makes exile all the longer; the secret of redemption lies in remembrance. Richard von Weizsaecker If we want to change we have to pay attention to where we came from.  The only way we can take control of our lives or start to get better is to take a look at what we have been...

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Nov 10


One of the main concerns about substance use is the frequency.  It seems that in the past few years teens are drinking more frequently than they used to.  Instead of just weekends it is becoming much more often.  Any day that there is a mid week holiday becomes another day to party.  This...

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Nov 09

FASD Prevention Support

Thanks to the Government of Saskatchewan there will be additional support for FASD Education and Prevention.  Education and Prevention Programs have been showing to save between 10 and 15 tax dollars for every dollar spent.  Here is the announcement. GOVERNMENT FUNDS FASD AWARENESS AND PREVENTION Agencies...

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Nov 07

What do you think?

Let us know your thoughts on our new season??  Also if you have questions you would like answered about Drugs, Alcohol, or substance use in general we can try to do that for you. Click the feedback link or the Contact Us (Private) link on the top of the page.  We will answer your questions...

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Nov 06

Marijuana Risks

It is always interesting to listen carefully to the debate about whether or not marijuana is a health or safety risk. Most people who like to use that drug are convinced it doesn't cause any problems. There are more studies coming out indicating that marijuana does cause health problems and certainly...

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Nov 05

A Refresher about Post Acute withdrawal

If you are struggling a bit with getting better take a look at this, it can help you understand whats going on and what to do about it. What Happens when we quit using Drugs and Alcohol Post Acute Withdrawal is the adjustment your brain has in life without chemicals. It is the time period when your...

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Nov 04

Welcome to Season 3

Season 3 of Drug Class is another opportunity to gain insight into substance abuse and addiction.  It gives you the opportunity to really figure out if your life is Better or Worse?

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Nov 03

Get some sleep

We have talked about this in class.  One of the things that causes problems is not getting enough sleep because of talking or texting.  We all need uninterrupted sleep.  Check out this article from the Vancouver Sun Kids who surf the Internet or text message when they should be tucking...

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Nov 01


Many people feel they drink because they are depressed, often this is true, however, the drinking always makes the depression worse, a bit like banging your head when you have a headache. Here is an interesting article from TVNZ New Zeland Christchurch researchers say they have found a genetic link...

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Oct 29

Passing the Test

I was talking to a young woman the other day, she's been sober about 4months. She said she was feeling a bit of stress and didn't know how to handle some of the stuff that was coming up in her life. I explained that all the years she had been using and drinking was like missing class in school, and...

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