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Mar 28

Three planes, five airports.

I'm back!  Three different planes and five airports later I'm back home.  One of the really interesting things about the Northern Airlines (Both First Air and Canadian North was the service on the planes! Choice of meals, hot towels, newpapers. Thank you!)

I was explaining to someone about all the community programs they have in Kugluktuk and the response was why aren't we doing that here?  Good question! They seem to understand the importance of prevention and education programs at all levels. We do a good job here in our high school system but there could be a lot more happening at all the other levels, community, health districts, municipal.

Some how we need to get past the idea that drug and alcohol problems are something to hide and feel ashamed about and move on towards seeing them as another health problem that responds well to compassion and good treatment programs.

What do you think?

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