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Nov 18

South Mackenzie Correctional Centre

Don't be discouraged. It's often the last key in the bunch that opens the lock. Author Unknown

We spent the afternoon at The South Mackenzie Correctional Centre. They let us out after too, which was a good thing.

About 95% of people in detention are there because of situations that happened surrounding there drug or alcohol use. When I was talking about that pretty much everyone was nodding in agreement.

Two of the inmates came up afterward and said they has been clean and sober for a time and doing really well and then decided to drink again. Tings didn't go well of course and there they were.

Although we had a “captive audience” they responded well to what we were talking about, which was the affects of drug and alcohol use on our brains and the resulting reduction in the ability to make good decisions.

There was also some of the usual “defense of marijuana as a harmless plant” arguments but we may have even changed a few minds on that. As always you never get to everyone.

Hayley showed her usual courage and did a great job of talking about what happened to her. (Hayley is the small red thing by the door in the photo)

The centre’s psychologist sat in on the session and she said she learned a few things too.

There were a lot of really good questions from the men and they treated us with a lot of respect which really confirms to me that people are inherently good.

What do you think?

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